The History of 3 Sussex Square

1.PHOTOGRAPHS 1895 - The Queen’s House


1.Photographs from a Sales Brochure dated 1895

Dining room
Dining room
Drawing room
Drawing room

Secondary Drawing room or Billiard room
Secondary Drawing room or Billiard room

Principal staircase
Principal staircase

Front bedroom
Front bedroom


note: These are leases and contracts of sale to Owners - see Street Directories for Residents.

Information on OWNERS below:

A.C. Ballard

The Hon. Wenman Clarence Walpole Coke

Edward Rhys Wingfield

27 March 1895 Lease Browne Webb Esq to A.C.Ballard Esqre.

See below for more information on Albert Casanova Ballard.

Albert Casanova Ballard
Albert Casanova Ballard
Lease 1895
Lease 1895

27 March 1895 Lease Browne Webb Esq to A.C.Ballard
Esqr. 1894 to1984 counterpart

17 July 1895

Mortgage A.C.Ballard Esqr to Samuel Garrett Esqr.

8 November 1897

Transfer of Mortgage Samuel Garrett Esqr, to Samuel
Garrett Esqr. and Henry Martin Holman Esq.

Further Charge 1898
Further Charge 1898

20 January 1898

Further Charge A.C.Ballard Esqr. to to S.Garrett Esqr. and H.M. Holman Esq.

21 February Assignment of the Equity of redemption in
leasehold premises situate No 3 Sussex Square Brighton Sussex

Indenture 1898
Indenture 1898

22 February 1898

Notice of Assignment A.C.Ballard Esqr. to J.P.Rudhall Esqr.

1 April 1898

Conveyance Freehold premises No 3 Sussex Square Brighton Sussex

A.C.Ballard Esqr. to Cll.the Hon W.C.Coke and E.R.Wingfield Esqre.

Conveyance 1901
Conveyance 1901

26 November 1901

Coll. The Hon W.C.W.Coke and Capt.M.E.G.R.Wingfield

Conveyance of freehold premises no

3 Sussex Square Brighton in the County of Sussex.Supplement to the indenture of the 1st April 1898 31st August 1903

Coll. The Hon W.C.W.Coke and Another to A.H.Wingfield Esq and Another.

Conveyance of freehold premises etc.Supplemental to Indentures dated

1st April 1898 and 26 November 1901 9th May 1905

Samuel Garrett Esqr. and another… to the Executors of the Will of the late John P.Rudhall Esqr….

Surrender of Leasehold premises situate at No 3.Sussex Square etc.

11 July 1919 Mrs F.M.Rudhall and Another to Mrs A.Barton. Counterpart Lease of No 3 Sussex Square Brighton 24th June 1919 Expires 24th

June 1940. rent £150

April 1 1921

Abstract of Title of A.H.Wingfield Esquire and the Hon T.H.F.Egerton to
Freehold Premises No

3 Sussex Square etc


6 December 1921

A.H.Wingfield Esquire and Another to Mrs Sarah A.Barton Conveyance of Freehold Premises known as

3 Sussex Square etc
Mortgage 1921
Mortgage 1921


7 December 1921

Mrs S.A.Barton to Miss E.M.Gillett Mortgage of freehold hereditaments

known as 3.Sussex Square etc.

7 December 1921

Supplemental abstract of title to Mrs S.A.Barton. Leasehold interest

Assignment 1927
Assignment 1927

7 December 1921

Mrs M.Rudhall and Another to Mrs S.A.Barton
Assignment of Leasehold Premises known as No


Sussex Square etc.

1921 Abstract of the Title of the Trustees of John P.Rudhall deceased to Leashold prems

3 Sussex Square etc


1925 Abstract of title of Mrs S.A.Barton to Freehold premises No 3.Sussex Square etc

9 November 1925 Miss E.M.Gillett to Mrs F.A.Bodle Transfer of Mortgage of Number 3 Sussex Square Brighton

for securing £1600 and interest

25 November 1925

Mrs S.A. Barton and Others to Mrs F.A.Bodle Further Charge on No 3 Sussex Square etc for securing £350
and interest

17 July 1931

Mrs Fanny Ann Bodle to the Misses Mary Stevens Ellen Stevens and Edith Stevens Transfer of Mortgage
of No 3 Sussex Square etc for securing £1950 and Interest

22nd May 1935

Mrs S.A.Barton and her Mortgagees(the Misses Mary Stevens Ellen Stevens and Edith Stevens and the Reverend
John Grange Leonard and Philip Herbert Peeler) to
W.A.G.Heryet Conveyance on Sale of freehold property known as

3 Sussex Square Brighton


1935 Supplemental

Abstract of Title of Mrs A.S.Barton to No 3.Sussex Square etc.

7 April 1970

Mrs P.Cornforth and Mrs F.A.Edwards Agreement for letting Unfurnished Flat No 7 Chester Court at 3 Sussex Square Brighton

.Rent £225 per annum exclusive

21 April 1970 Agreement for letting furnished Flat No 4 at Chester Court at 3 Sussex Square Brighton

rent £4 10/- every week

8 June 1970

Agreement Mrs P.Cornforth and Mr A.J.Whittaker for letting furnished
Flat No 8 3 Sussex Square Brighton rent £4-0-0 every week

10 June 1970

The Estate of the Late Mr W.A.G.Heryet Assent
in favour of Mrs P’Cornforth and
Mr F.G.Hollier in respect of Chester Court at

3 Sussex Square Brighton


5 August Appointment of new Trustees of Assent dated

10 June 1970 15 October 1970

Mrs P.Cornforth & Another to Miss J.M.Follett for letting furnished Flat
no 2 at Chester Court at

3 Sussex SquareBrighton


5 August 1971

copy Appointment of new Trustees of Assent dated 10 June 1970


Albert Casanova (Albert Casanova) Ballard

Born July 9, 1866 in St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands

Son of John Ballard and Amelia Frecker

Brother of John Farrow Ballard, William Washington Ballard and Henry Herbert Ballard

[spouse(s) unknown]

Died August 10, 1942 in Teignmouth, Devon, England


The Hon. Wenman Clarence Walpole Coke (13 July 1828 – 10 January 1907) was a British soldier and Liberal Member of Parliament.

Coke was the fourth son of the agricultural reformer Thomas Coke, 1st Earl of Leicester (“Coke of Norfolk”), by his second wife Lady Anne Emilia, daughter of William Keppel, 4th Earl of Albemarle.

Coke was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Scots Guards and fought in the Crimean War. In 1858 he was returned to Parliament as one of two representatives for Norfolk East, a seat he held until 1865.

Coke made a single appearance in first-class cricket for the Marylebone Cricket Club in 1851.[1] He died unmarried in January 1907, aged 78.

Thomas William Coke, 1st Earl of Leicester (6 May 1754 – 30 June 1842), known as Coke of Norfolk or Coke of Holkham,[2] was a British politician and agricultural reformer. Born to Wenman Coke, Member of Parliament (MP) for Derby, and his wife Elizabeth, Coke was educated at several schools, including Eton College, before undertaking a Grand Tour of Europe. After returning to Britain and being married, Coke’s father died, leaving him the owner of a 30,000 acre Norfolk estate. Returned to Parliament in 1776 for Norfolk, Coke became a close friend of Charles James Fox, and joined his Eton schoolmate William Windham in his support of the American colonists during the American Revolutionary War. As a supporter of Fox, Coke was one of the MPs who lost their seats in the 1784 general election, and he returned to Norfolk to work on farming, hunting, and the maintenance and expansion of Holkham Hall, his ancestral home.

Coke was again returned to Parliament in 1790, sitting continuously until 1832, and he primarily spoke on matters of local interest, such as the Corn Laws. His second focus was on civil liberties, and he spoke out against the government’s response to the Peterloo Massacre and similar events. Described as the “greatest commoner in England”,[3] he chose the passage of the Great Reform Act 1832 as the moment to retire, later being made the Earl of Leicester in July 1837. After a short illness, Coke died on 30 June 1842, and was succeeded as Earl by his son Thomas. Coke’s main legacy is as an agricultural reformer, not as a politician; he has historically been credited with sparking the British Agricultural Revolution through the reforms he made to farming on his estates. Later historians have questioned this, however, noting that the developments credited to him are most likely the work of other individuals; nevertheless, he has still been described as “the real hero of Norfolk agriculture”.[4]


Edward Rhys Wingfield

was born on 9 March 1849. He was the son of Captain Edward ffolliott Wingfield and Hon. Frances Emily Rice-Trevor. He married Edith Caroline Wood, daughter of Reverend Peter Almeric Lehoup Wood and Caroline Elizabeth Wightman, on 2 May 1871. He died on 14 March 1901 at age 52.

He lived at Barrington Park, Burford, Gloucestershire, England.

Children of Edward Rhys Wingfield and Edith Caroline Wood

1. Mervyn Edward George Rhys Wingfield+ b. 24 May 1872, d. 2 Jan 1952

2. Major William Jocelyn Rhys Wingfield+ b. 25 Mar 1873, d. 10 Jul 1942

3. Sir Charles John Fitz Roy Rhys Wingfield+ b. 18 Feb 1877, d. 26 Mar 1960

4. Muriel Frances Caroline Wingfield b. 3 Jan 1878, d. 15 Dec 1933

5. Captain Maurice ffolliott Rhys Wingfield+ b. 8 Sep 1879, d. 9 Apr 1941

6. Captain Cecil John Talbot Rhys Wingfield+ b. 25 Jul 1881, d. 29 Apr 1915

7. Gwenllian Edith Emily Wingfield b. 23 Aug 1882, d. b 1963

Vanessa Minns

Remarkable Visitors

Count Bernstorff

Count Bernstorff, Prussian Minister stayed at 3 Sussex Square in 1857 for some time.