The History of 29 Sussex Square

History of 29 Sussex Square

1. Eleanor Marx

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1 Eleanor Marx

Now flats, this building once housed the school where political activist Eleanor Marx (1855 - 1898) worked as a French teacher in 1873. When her mother discovered that she was being visited here by her fiancée, Hyppolite Lissagaray, a French ex-Communard many years her senior of whom her parents disapproved, she was made to terminate her work and sent to Germany. Already keenly political after travelling to socialist congresses worldwide as her father Karl’s secretary,

Eleanor Marx
Eleanor Marx

Eleanor took up many left-leaning causes upon her return to London. She established the Women’s Branch of the National Union of Gasworkers and General Labourers, worked as an interpreter for the International Socialist Workers and for other European Socialist Congresses, and became a founder member of the Socialist League. After her father’s death in 1883, she managed the publication of the unfinished manuscripts of his Das Kapital, and also published widely herself. Linguistically talented, Eleanor became the first person to translate Flaubert’s Madame Bovary into English and, after learning Norwegian, translated various of Ibsen’s plays. After a life of industry, Eleanor came to a sad end; she committed suicide by taking prussic acid due, it was largely believed although not proven, to the infidelity of her long-term partner, Henry Aveling. She is buried alongside her family in Highgate Cemetery.

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KEMP TOWN, BRIGHTON.—ONE OF THE MEDIUMSIZED HOUSES IN THIS FASHIONABLE LOCALITY. BY MESSRS. RIDLEY AND SON, At their Estate Sale Rooms, 155, North Street, Brighton, on Thursday. Feb. 15, 1849, at One o’clock, order the Mortgagee under power of Sale, A FREEHOLD FASHIONABLE RESIDENCE. situate opposite the SeA, being No. 29, SUSSEX SQUARE, Kemp Town, Brighton. It will not attempted, in the limit* of an advertisement, nor it necessary, offer an on tbe fashionable property composing Kemp Town. Tbe bouses vary in sise; the one under consideration being of the smaller class, though adpted for the occupation of small family of the highest distinction. In word, any nobleman or gentleman in quest of Brighton residence, and whose requirements could be sufficed by the accommodation this delightful house affords, will do well to give tbe present announcement immediate consideration. There are six family chamber* and dressing-room on two floors, three servants’ bed-rooms, two handsome drawing-rooms communicating, dining and breakfast parlours, entrance hall, keeping room, kitchen, and all domestic offices, cellars, water closet, «c., &c., besides space of ground in tbe rear reserved for stabling. It is necessary to add that possession cannot be obtained till Michaelmas next, the premises being in the occupation of lady who for the last six years has had tbe good fortune to possess them an almost nominal rental—the real value may unhesitatingly be quoted at 150 guineas per annum. By the kind permission of Mrs Bartlett, tbe tenant, tbe property may be viewed every Wednesday and Saturday obtaining ticket the Auctioneers. Descriptive particulars and conditiona of sale may be had. ten days prior to tbe anction, Garraway’s London; of G. Pell. Esq., solicitor tbe mortgagee, Welford, Northamptonshire; W. A. Stuckey, Esq., solicitor, and Messrs. Ridley and Son, the auctioneers,
Brighton.Gazette and Lewes Advertiser