The History of 26 Sussex Square

William Coningham

Recollections of Kemp Town’s early days by published on 16th January1892 by William Baines in the Brighton Herald

Coningham’s moral courage

Who does not remember that old Kemp Towner, William Coningham, that staunch Liberal Member for Brighton – a sterling man, true to his professions and principles – a rare thing then, and, perhaps still more rare now. What moral courage he must have had to stand alone against the House of Commons on the granting of the Princess Royal’s dowry. We may not always have agreed with some of Coningham’s political opinions, but his truth and courage no-one can dispute, and withal we remember his arguments used to be very difficult to contravert. We have only to look at the present professions of many prominent politicians to see that William Coningham was years in advance of his time.

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