The History of 10 Chichester Terrace

1 Derek Granger

2 Kenneth Partridge

3 Bas Reliefs

Derek and his partner Kenneth Partridge were at No. 8 Chichester Terrace (which was only rented) from 1952 until 1964 when Derek bought flat No. 7, 10 Chichester Terrace.

They remained there until some date towards the end of the seventies when he bought flat 5, No 9 Chichester Terrace and knocked No. 7, 10 Chichester Terrace and flat 5, 9 Chichester Terrace into one single flat running across the two houses.

( See House Histories for 9 Chichester Terrace for full biographies )

3 Bas Reliefs

These bas reliefs, remarkably, are identical and represent Thracian mercenaries in the procession
of Alexander the Great entering Babylon. After the Alexander Frieze by Bertel Thorvaldsen c.1812
The house has two plaster identical bas reliefs believed to have been copied from sections of the 1822 frieze ‘Alexander the Great’s Entry into Babylon’ by Bertol Thorvaldsen. Commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte to celebrate his triumphant entry into Vienna in 1809, the original, also in plaster, is 35 metres long and decorates a hall in the Palazzo del Quirinale in Rome, now the Italian Presidential Palace.There are marble and plaster versions of the frieze at the Thorvaldsen Museum at Copenhagen and a plaster version in the Harris Museum Preston UK.
The book, Hidden Treasures on the Kemp Town Estate by Vanessa Minns, published by KTS, illustrates and documents the provenance of all the 40 bas reliefs on the Estate and indicates where they can be found in other Houses in this country (Chatsworth, Osborne House) It can be purchased on Amazon from 1 May 2023