The History of 2 Sussex Square

​2 Sussex Square

It is currently supposed that 1 and 2 Sussex Square were always one dwelling. The ‘corner’ sites on the Estate were always a tricky building conundrum because of their wedge shape. Wilkes having acquired the carcass from Kemp at 4,000 square foot proceeded to extend the buildings, on the land behind, to enclose a further 6,000 square foot making the property one of the biggest on the Estate

.Although 1 and 2 Sussex Square have always been popularly supposed to have always been used for schools, in fact No 2 is recorded as having been the residence of Horton Lambert Esq. physician and surgeon from 1895 -1898, several others to 1909 and Major le Vicomte and Madame la Vicomtesse d’Aubigne from 1910 - 1914. (See Street Directories)

By 1932 it became a boarding house for St Mary’s School and remained a college or school since that time.