The History of 2 Sussex Square

​2 Sussex Square

The Rev.H.N.Goulty

Kemp Town clergy

Recollections of Kemp Town’s early days by published on 16th January 1892 by William Baines in the Brighton Herald

The late Rev. H. N. Goulty of Union Chapel and Extra Mural Cemetery fame, after his migration from Western Road (at the corner of Regent Hill) lived in Kemp Town for many years. He had a most singular antipathy to Burn’s little ‘bonnie gem’. The sight of the daisy in the greensward of the Kemp Town Enclosures had the same effect on him that the sight of a Frenchman did upon Nelson. It gave him nervous twitchings. Many passages of arms did the rev. gentleman have with the burly old gardener upon the subject and finally the daisies had to quit.

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It is currently supposed that 1 and 2 Sussex Square were always one dwelling. The ‘corner’ sites on the Estate were always a tricky building conundrum because of their wedge shape. Wilkes having acquired the carcass from Kemp at 4,000 square foot proceeded to extend the buildings, on the land behind, to enclose a further 6,000 square foot making the property one of the biggest on the Estate

.Although 1 and 2 Sussex Square have always been popularly supposed to have always been used for schools, in fact No 2 is recorded as having been the residence of Horton Lambert Esq. physician and surgeon from 1895 -1898, several others to 1909 and Major le Vicomte and Madame la Vicomtesse d’Aubigne from 1910 - 1914. (See Street Directories)

By 1932 it became a boarding house for St Mary’s School and remained a college or school since that time