The History of 3 Chichester Terrace

Thomas West

More memories of Earlier Kemp Town published in the Brighton Herald 26th March 1892 by William Baines

A quartet of genial old gentlemen

The house next to the Duke of Devonshire’s was occupied by Mr Thomas West, the well-known banker of The Union Bank, North Street. The Union Bank at that time was an old-fashioned round fronted building with a flight of steps leading up to it. The proprietors were Messrs Hall, West and Borrer, and with their white-haired managing clerk, old Mr. Pocock, formed a quartet of the most genial looking old gentlemen that the eye could look upon. One and all of them had something lively to say to their customers. In their general style and deportment they used to put the writer in mind of the Brothers Cheeryble.

Brothers Cheeryble, the kind-hearted employers of Nicholas Nickleby in Charles Dickens’s novel

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