3 Arundel Terrace in the 1851 Census

Inhabited Title Forename Surname Relationship Marital Status Age Sex Occupation Industry Born
Same County Foreign Parts
Cary C. Elwes Head Married 50 Owner of Rent chargebility Notts
Elinor Elwes Wife Married 45 Grimsby Lincolnshire
Sophia Elwes Dau. unm. 21 Suffolk
Marian Elwes Dau. unm. 13 Scolar at home Bath Somerset
Sarah Astwich Visitor unm. 65 Annuitant Derby Derby
Edwards Servant unm. 50 House servant Bath Somerset
Louis Jascot Servant Married 32 House servant France
Jemima Lister Servant unm. 24 House servant Grt.Grimsby Lincolnshire
Sophia Richards Servant unm. 24 House servant Glamorganshire
Mary Ann Marshall Servant unm. 21 House servant Grt.Grimsby Lincolnshire
Ellen Juden Servant unm. 14 House servant Lewes Sussex
William Baker Servant unm. 16 Errand Boy Bath Somerset